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Sunday, April 02, 2017

The A-Z Challenge 2017 - A Bit Late!

Okay, so last year I did it unofficially. I thought I might try visiting the official page this year. It seems a bit fiddly - you have to visit it each day with your link and comment on five blogs, which makes it sound like it's a bunch of bloggers commenting on each other's blogs, but still, there were 521 comments on that page and that was just for B. You never know who will turn up.And because I'm late I will be doing two posts to start. I'll stick the badge on later, when I can get to my laptop - you can't add pictures on an iPad for some reason, except through the app, which has been scrapped and only does pics on the actual post anyway. (I still have the app).

My theme is spies and spying, mainly using my children's book, Your Cat Could Be A Spy(This Book Is Bugged in North America). You can still buy it on line or order it through your bookshop, as it's gone to POD. You just can't find it on the bookshop shelves any more. (If you enjoy my posts I hope you will consider buying a copy, for yourself or your child, as I never got a cent in royalties, despite the book selling out. The advance was never recovered, as most of the copies were sold through Scholastic Book Club, which is totally necessary if you want your children's book to be published, but you receive about 2% of the net, not the RRP. And the net isn't much because they buy - and sell -the books cheap.)

I don't think I can get past W, though I'll search, but I was delighted to find I had pretty much all of the other letters of the alphabet via my book's index.

Look for my first post, Operation Acoustic Kitty, soon after this goes up!


Unknown said...

Hi! Life has a way of intervening and when it comes to the challenge, doubly so.

Trying to catch up on looking at other blogs and came across yours ( got distracted by the Bujold/Blake post).

Looking forward to making my way through the theme.

Have you come up with the last letters yet? Tentative/dubious connections are permissable!

All the best

@breakerofthings from

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, David! Yes, those last letters are a problem. At this stage, all going well, it will be Harriet Tubman, Undercover, "Crazy Bet" Van Lew, Francis Walsingham and eXtra bits - you're right, dubious is sometimes needed.