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The Great Raven Author Interviews - Free ebook

Here's a collection of fabulous interviews from this site. Just click through to the link below and get a set of great interviews with writers and book judges. I have selected  thirteen, though I intend to add more - I have some coming up as I write this and there's an interview with Cath Crowley done by my student, Selena Wang, which will be in the next edition. There's an interview by her with Charlie Higson in this book, but if you want to read what Cath Crowley had to say, meanwhile, why not just use the search facility to find it here?

You can download them here as an ePub book from Dropbox. If you want them in PDF, which you can open either on your computer or in Kindle, email me at and I'll set up a PDF version and email you the link. Unfortunately, this version of CBB doesn't do mobi - perhaps a future one will. I mean to add the PDF version anyway, and will add a link here when I do.

When you reach Dropbox, it will tell you the ePub file can't be viewed, but don't despair - if you're viewing it in your mobile device, just click the "open in another app" button and that will allow you to open it. If you're on a computer, email it to yourself and THEN do what I suggested.

Here's the link to Dropbox. Enjoy! PS Let me know if you have trouble opening the file. If you don't tell me, I won't know and I can't fix it.

Let me know by email - - if you have trouble opening the file - I can't fix it if I don't know!

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