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Way back in 2006, I started an experimental blog, entitled, simply, Sue Bursztynski's Page . After all these years, it's still there, a general blog on which I write about what I'm doing, my family and mostly, these days, what I'm doing as a teacher-librarian. I call it my reflective blog.

Soon after, I began this blog, to publish book reviews.

Then a friend persuaded me to start a Livejournal, which I called Shh! A Librarian's Files . Please visit that if you want more general stuff. I don't review books on it, but because my friends are fans I put up SF fannish stuff there.

My latest is my writing blog,Write On! Although I blog about my writing here, I thought it best to have something that my younger readers might enjoy, as they wouldn't enjoy this site. It's not aimed specifically at children, though, so if you'd like a little more about my writing process, that's the one to visit.


Opëshum Patroz said...

I am enjoying your blog, Sue! Thank you.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thank you, Opeshum! How about you check out THIS blog?