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Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Old Guest Post

One of the nice things about being on Twitter is the linking. My friend Stephanie Campisi has a "vintage post" software thingie on her blog which brings up things she posted a while back and tweets them. Today's was a guest post I did some time ago on Read In A Single Sitting, not long after I first encountered Stephanie. I sent her a review copy of Wolfborn, as she lives in Melbourne and I had a large stash at author's price, and meanwhile she invited me to guest post, not necessarily about my book, but as an Aussie woman writer. I did a post on books read by boys and girls(follow the link above) because, face it, I'm a teacher-librarian at heart, and talked also about my book. It's a post I'm rather pleased with, so why not check it out and start following Stephanie while you're about it? She has a very enjoyable blog that does more than say,"Oh, wow, this book was, like, GREAT!!!" It includes retro reviews of classics, which I especially enjoy, having read so many of them over the years. And now we have Project Gutenberg, we can just say,"I feel like reading this!" and download them..

Sadly, she never did review my novel, although she loved it, because we're friends now and she doesn't review mates' books, but the guest post is still there! Go have a look.

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