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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Searching For Review Blogs

After hearing from the US publicist that they weren't bothering with Wolfborn any more because they hadn't had any responses and the book has been out for a whole three months, I started looking for my own review sites. The general list the publicist sent me didn't have much of interest to me and several of the listed blogs were gone - and she wouldn't tell me which she had approached. Some sort of commercial-in-confidence. Weird!

So I used my librarian skills to find a blog directory that specialised in YA fantasy and SF. Again, I found some that no longer existed. One that looked perfect till I checked the "about" and found the blogger was a devout Christian, which meant she would probably not care for my pagan characters or the gods running around the book.  Pity, that.

I decided to stick to ones which blogged regularly and had posted recently. Not too many, alas. One that had over 1000 members hadn't posted in a year! There were others that looked great, but weren't taking new books due to an overflowing TBR pile. One lady I approached, a librarian, said the book sounded good, but she doesn't do YA, only children's. Fair enough, though no help to me.

I have about three that I will send inquiries. So far, I have had two expressions of interest from the US, my main target, one from Australia and one Aussie living in Sweden. I have some copies in my own stash I will send the two Aussies, and the others have hopefully been sent off by the US publicist. She has five more review copies, so I will keep going till I get some more.

If you're reading this from the US and you have a YA review blog and would like to read a mediaeval fantasy with werewolves, email me with your address and I'll pass it on to the publicist. If you're outside the US and are interested, contact me anyway - I have a stash at work, and I'm on holiday till the end of January, so you will have to wait a couple of weeks, but not much longer.

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