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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Booktopia Goodies Free Shipping For Australia Day

I've just wandered over to Sean Wright's blog, Adventures Of A Blogonaut, where he tells us about a special being run by Australian book selling web site, Booktopia . In honour of Australia Day, they're offering free shipping within Australia, until Monday night. Follow the link to Sean's web site above for details. I took a look to see which of my books they're selling and found they've got Wolfborn, Crime Time:Australians Behaving Badly, a couple of editions of Your Cat Could Be A Spy ( the US edition, also available, is called This Book Is Bugged) and my three books for Nelson/Cengage, two non-fiction and the chapter book Grey Goo. Grey Goo was my only book that could remotely be called science fiction, as opposed to fantasy; it was written as companion book to a non fiction book on future technology, and I researched the science aspects. They got this terrific artist to illo it, and his cartoony drawings were a delight. Cat is my book on spies. Alas, the It's True! series is no longer going, because it's just too hard to sell children's non fiction, and Cat sold out, but they are now doing it  POD. I don't know if I will ever get a chance to go back to non fiction, but I am very proud of these and had fun writing them.

So if you live in Australia, why not wander over and see what's available?

I will send a signed bookplate to anyone who buys one of my books on this offer - just email and let me know your details.

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