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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome New Followers!

I know I should have done this before, with other joiners, but better late than never! Welcome to three recent followers - I hope you enjoy your future visits to my blog! There's Nyssa1968, an Aussie now living in the UK, who loves Dr Who and whose actual name I know from a bit of piecing together, but won't mention here in case she prefers not to tell everyone. And I follow her blog too. Welcome Nyssa!

Austin Hackney, I don't know much about you except that you seem to like YA fiction, judging by your other follows. Welcome! You've come to the right place here. My other blog, which you have also joined, is mostly for talking about my teacher-librarian issues, and I don't post as often as here, but I hope you like that one too. Welcome!

I first encountered Katherine Langrish on the History Girls web site and on her own, Seven Miles Of Steel Thistles, which I follow with great delight, as it's about folklore, a subject I love. I also have some of her children's novels on my iBooks shelf, and love them too. Welcome, Katherine!

I appreciate all of my wonderful followers, but I want to make a belated thank you to my regular commenters, Sean Wright, the Blogonaut, who also supports me with retweets and Aussie spec fic writers in general on his blog, Lan Chan, Melbourne blogger who is working hard on her own writing as well as reviewing books and takes the trouble to come here and comment, to Stephanie Campisi, a fellow writer and Melbourne-based(for now) blogger whose own web site Read In A Single Sitting is intelligently written and a pleasure to read. Thanks, also, to my semi-regular commenter miki, who joined this site to enter a competition and hung around. She lives in Belgium.

Sometimes you wonder if anyone is reading. Well, I know they are, because at this stage I'm getting around 1500-2000 hits a week! Some of those will have stumbled here by mistake. But not all, by any means, and when someone actually comments, you know for sure. :-)

Give yourselves a pat on the back, guys!


Austin said...


Thanks for the welcome.

You are right that I have a passion for YA fiction - but not only that. I'm interested in so much that it's a long list indeed and I won't trouble you with it here but it does include all forms of storytelling, mythology, faerytale, folklore and art as well as a good dose of science, conservation and especially ornithology.

I'm happy enough to have found your blog and I'm looking forward to reading your fascinating and informative reviews - and indeed commenting when I feel that I have something that may be of value to contribute.

All the best to you. A.

Austin said...


Thanks for the welcome!

You are right that I love the best of YA fiction with a passion - but not only that. I'm interested in all forms of storytelling - be that through fiction, biography, myth and faerytale, visual arts and music.

I'm especially inspired by folk arts and traditional forms. while having no objection to exciting innovations and boundary-pushing activities. I see tradition as a lively thing, of the now, rather than a mere museum piece always referring to the past.

Any way, enough. I'm happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading it and making comment as and when I feel that I can make a valuable contribution.

Kindest regards,


Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Austin! Yes, you have definitely come to the right blog if those are your interests. I published both your comments because you said something a bit different in each one, hope this is okay. :-)

Austin said...


Yes that's fine, odd as it looks!

At this end of things Blogger told me that it had failed to post the first comment and so I wrote the next which was slightly variant as I hadn't committed the previous one to memory!

:) A.

Sean Wright said...

The lament of the lone blogger. Is anyone listening/reading? Sometimes I wonder :)

Thanks for the mention Sue.

And hi to all your other lurking readers :)

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Sean! Well, you know how many hits each post gets, but not whether the reader did more than glance at it. I would love more comments, but my readers are mostly lurkers, so be it! And FWIW, I read and enjoy your blog! :-) and usually comment - when I don't, it's mostly because there's a link to a podcast, which I can't check out on my iPad, and by the time I get to the laptop I have other things on my mind. My own brother doesn't get much attention from me because his entire blog is links to podcasts (and his are an hour long!)