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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sydney Writers Centre Best Blog Award

As you'll notice from the badge on the side of this page, I have entered this blog in the Sydney Writers' Centre annual blog competition. It has five categories - I have entered the one for words and writing. There are some fabulous Aussie blogs out there, which I won't name in case I miss someone, but if I'm following you, you know I think your blog is great, bloggers. I have quite a bit of competition, but I happen to think this is a very good blog, filled with reviews, interviews, thoughts on books and news about forthcoming book events. If you think so too, there is a People's Choice and you can nominate your favourite blog for that. Just check out this link:

There are also categories for best new blog, best advocacy post, funniest post and best young blogger. I have in mind a couple of under-26 bloggers I'd love to nominate, if they are still posting, and hope they will get back on line soon. Alas, when you're a teenager, other things get in your way - school, exams, boyfriends, social life, social media. :-) But if any of you know a young Aussie blogger who is posting regularly and doing a great job of it, do wander over to the link above and put in their blogs for an award!

Blogging is a great thing to do. Newspapers have their own blogs now, with people paid to write for them, so you can make a living blogging.When I was growing up, I didn't even have a computer, just a typewriter, and lots of notepads. My writing was just for me and my friends and eventual submission for publication. You could do fanzines, of course - I did some of my own and was published in many, in Australia and overseas. Blogs are the fanzines of the 21st century, except you don't have to wait for someone to print them or type them up painfully on a stencil and find someone to print them out for you. You don't even have to photocopy them. Just type them up, decorate them, add links, save and voila! Like magic. And you can moan away to your on-line friends about the trouble you're having with your writing and ask for opinions, and they can reply immediately, no old-style LoC (Letter of Comment for those of you who haven't grown up in science fiction fandom). You can be a literary critic, share news with others interested in your subject matter, even put in links to YouTube videos or radio podcasts. Wonderful!

They provide a lot of enjoyment for many people, but they're a lot of work, so if you appreciate this blog or other Aussie blogs, do follow the link and nominate.


Sean Wright said...

Good luck :)

BTW your link above is missing the h in http.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Sean! Fixed.