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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My New Audiobooks!

I’ve been listening to the free audiobooks I downloaded from iBooks ( thank you, Apple!). In the end, I chose four out of the six on offer - The Secret Garden, The Wizard Of Oz, Pride And Prejudice and The Time Machine. I’ve only listened to the official sample of Pride And Prejudice and am keeping it for last.

However, I’ve been tasting the delights of the others and having fun. The Secret Garden is being read by Karen Gillan, aka Amy Pond(Dr Who companion), complete with Scottish accent, though she does manage the upper crust English accent for little Mary, the heroine. She is doing a very good job of the voices so far. I read the book years ago and am enjoying just having it read to me.

The Wizard Of Oz is such a very American classic that it sounds completely appropriate to have it read by American actor Tituss Burgess, who does all the voices beautifully, with some variations on different US accents. I’m up to just after the companions have been joined by the Cowardly Lion.

The voice of Kelsey Grammar is so recognisable in The Time Machine! He tries for Transatlantic, but in the end, Wells’s Time Traveller is, well, an American. I can’t help thinking of him as Frasier, alas! (Maybe they got Dr Frasier Crane into the studio to read an audiobook...).  Still, I’m enjoying it.

I love audiobooks, but my general rule is only to buy ones I have read before, so I can enjoy an actor’s interpretation. One exception so far: Georgette Heyer’s Sylvester, read by Richard Armitage because, well, Richard Armitage. I would listen to his shopping list!

Do you enjoy audiobooks? Already-read or new?

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