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Friday, December 07, 2012

Things To Come Soon On The Great Raven

Hullo, lovely readers!

In the next couple of weeks there will be some great posts on this book blog. Aleesah Darlison, an Aussie writer for younger children, talks about herself and the fifteen books she has sold in a career spanning a mere two and a half years, including a short list in the Eve Pownalls, the non-fiction section of the Children's Book Council Awards. I have to say that's better than I have done - I managed a Notable in the Pownalls for my non-fiction book Potions To Pulsars: Women doing Science, but never the short list.

Two of my younger book clubbers, Yasmyn and Kaitlyn, interview the fabulous Marianne De Pierres, whose wonderful YA novel Burn Bright they read and loved recently. We're just waiting for Marianne's answers to their questions, which should arrive in the next few days.

I have to say that Burn Bright has turned out to be a great book for good readers to discuss in Literature Circles, which is the classroom equivalent of  an adult book club, the kind where everyone reads the same book and talks about it. There's so much meat for discussion and so much potential for a creative response. One of my students wrote some fan fiction based on it. Another prepared a book trailer and posted it on YouTube. The author also posted it on her web site.

As for the current readers, one has commented that she wants to GO to Ixion, the menacing island of ever-night, because at her age she would have plenty of time before having to worry about what happens when you're too old. ;-) And meanwhile, there's the all-night party scene...

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