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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Dangers Of Yuletide Shopping

Okay, I have pretty much finished my shop-till-you-drop for this year. I will be sending my interstate and overseas friends virtual gifts from Oxfam or TEAR. I don't have to buy for family, since this sn't our holy day, but I do have plenty of friends. Tonight I go home to wrap and write cards, many of which should have been posted weeks ago, but I couldn't.

Tonight, though, I had the last stuff to buy for workmates. I went to the Body Shop for some politically correct goodies for a workmate who will appreciate it. While I was there, I found an Amnesty bracelet for another friend who has spent this semester doing Amnesty themed stuff with her Year 9, who were my class last year, my dearest 8B. Then I went downstairs with my fragrant parcel and body buttered hands to get her a book voucher, as she's a passionate reader. I really should have left when I had paid, but I just had to wander over to the talking books section, didn't I? Where I picked out for myself a Phryne Fisher favourite read by Stephanie Daniel and as if that wasn't enough, I turned away only to find a biography of Neil Armstrong, a bargain at $17! For another friend I bought a collection of Terry Pratchett's short stories and I know I will only be able to part with it by promising myself a copy later.

Danger, danger, Will Robinson! It makes a ringing sound( beware the cash register!).

Anyone else find themselves tempted to buy for themselves while getting gifts?

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