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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Testing, testing

This post is a test of the new mobile version of Blogger I have downloaded. Unlike Blogger Pack, which I downloaded especially so I can curl up in bed on a Saturday morning and post, with photos, it lets you add a photo(Blogger Pack has a bug which switches off when you try to add a pic). But also unlike Blogger Pack, you can't edit, or at least I haven't worked out how yet. Once you've done the post, you can't go back and change things, you have to use the web version. There s an edit button, but when I click it, it tells me I haven't selected! Blogger Pack does let you edit.

Anyway, it does let me add a photo from my camera roll, so I am going to stick in a photo I just took of some lovely gifts I have received. The big one with the yellow bow was from my student Sweet, who gave it to me for International Teacher Day. She also made me a card which I will treasure forever, along with other student gifts I have had over the years(including a fish-shaped lamp with a wick and a plastic swan). Sweet is actually pretty good with her hands, so it will end up next to the pop up card I got on the publication of Wolfborn. The book on Greek cooking was from my library tech Lucy, and will be used, as will the sweets recipe calendar, which I will try out over the summer break. She also gave me the homemade jam, made from oranges from her tree, and the kourabiedes she baked -those will be eaten one at a time with a glass of milk. Same with the truffles from my other tech, Ying, and the hand cream and wash are my favourite scent, lavender.

Okay, this is not a book-related post, but I hope you'll forgive. The ability to upload photos will make a big difference!


Sean Wright said...

Seems to work okay

Sue Bursztynski said...

Yes, it works, although I can't yet figure out how to put the pic anywhere but the bottom. Still, it works! And I can always fix it when I get to a full-size computer.