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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Stuff

It's my first Sunday of my summer holidays. I will soon have to rise from the breakfast table to get some house cleaning done and hopefully I will be able to go to the beach later in the day - the forecast for today is 39'! I can get stuck into my writing and my HUGE pile of TBR books. I have finished reading Riggs Crossing, the latest publication from Ford Street, and will be popping the review up soonish.

 Meanwhile, there's a new Mark Walden book that isn't about Otto Malpense and his friends at H.I.V.E, that Hogwarts for super villains. Personally, I think the author has painted himself into a corner in the H.I.V.E series, but at the Allen and Unwin Yuletide bash I met Sonia Palmisano, the publicist, who says there are three more books in that series  to come!

I am still waiting to hear from the delightful Marianne De Pierres, who is a bit busy at the moment, but has received the interview questions by my students Yasmyn and Kaitlyn and has kindly agreed to answer them. Stand by!

I have had an email from Peggy Bright Books, the small press that published the anthology Light Touch Paper Stand Clear, which has a story of mine in it and whose authors wrote a series of guest posts on this blog in July. The anthology has had some fabulous reviews (preen, preen!) and is now available, along with all the other PBB books on Amazon, for those of you who have Kindles; the rest of you can still get them from the publishers in hard copy or on ebook from Wizard's Tower Books.

PBB is a great little publisher. It has only done a few books so far, but they're good stuff. I am thinking of doing a set of interviews with Australian small press publishers some time soon - what do you think? We have a thriving small press in this country - not vanity press, but the real thing, where you get paid for writing, if not a lot. Some big name writers are being published by small press here. It might make for an interesting set of posts.

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