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Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Mousetrap Today

I'm in bed, having failed to wrestle open the cling-wrapped newspaper, sipping chamomile tea from the lovely orca mug sent me by leecetheartist as thanks for her copy of Wolfborn and listening to the music on ABC Classic FM.  It's 7.21 am but I can't sleep any more, so am treating myself. 

Around this time last week, I was looking forward to my one and only stop at the Melbourne Writers's Festival. This time my treat is Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, which, after sixty years in London, is now on here. We aren't seeing the London cast, of course; they would have to stop performing there and I suppose that's unthinkable.

 Fact I learned this morning: it has never been filmed. The reason for this is that when it was first on, Agatha Christie thought it wouldn't last more than a few months and specified that it shouldn't be filmed till six months after the London run closed. Sixty years later it shows no sign of closing. So no film and my sister had always wanted to see it and I bought a pair of outrageously priced tickets - about another twenty dollars would buy us a decent seat at a musical. And it's not as if they had to import the cast and set. But I suppose the licence to perform it cost $$$$$$! Anyway, Mary is worth it and so am I and anyway, tomorrow is my birthday, so there!

One other fact about the title and what I suspect may be the reason for it: In Hamlet, when Claudius asks Hamlet the name of the play which he is about to use to get a reaction to Hamlet's suspicion of his guilt, he tells him it's called The Mousetrap. I haven't checked this out and won't until after the performance, but I bet that's where she got the name. It would be appropriate since Hamlet is, after all, the "detective" in a murder case at that point in the pay.

So after breakfast I will walk through Balaclava to drop off a library book and maybe take the tram from St Kilda. If time I may even stop off for a hot chocolate in Acland Street on the way. 

More later. I have photos of my mother icing the cake she made for my birthday, which I may add to a new post.

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