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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celebrating Banned Books Week Around The Blogosphere

Want to win your very own banned book and help give the finger to book bans? There are two giveaways hosted by blogs I Am A Reader Not A Writer and I Read Banned Books. There are, so far, eighty blogs participating, giving you plenty of chance to win and all you have to do is visit them and sign up. I found this information and links to the above blogs on Bookhounds blog, here. Mary of Bookhounds is giving away a $10 gift voucher to the Book Depository, and also gives you a link to the lists of banned books and why they were banned.

As a matter of fact, I learned about Banned Books Week from Mary's site, so it's nice to see it here again.  I've learned a lot from book blogs and the YA book community are a great bunch.

See you on YouTube for the virtual readouts!

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