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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Last Book Shopping Of The Year

I'm in Ganache chocolate shop having a pot of chai tea and some truffles as a reward to myself for making the best of my tiny budget. I do have a little more money, but most of it has to pay for renewals.

With the $300 I allowed myself this time(including postage) I've bought sequels to things the students are reading, a  joke book- something the younger ones always want, but I can't supply new - a couple of Horrible Histories and a Horrible Science, an Inky Shortlisted book, some football books(one AFL, one soccer and one Rugby League, sports books are so expensive!), two new Oliver Phommavanh books for his fans, Oscar Wilde's short stories for Ryan, who is finishing The Picture Of Dorian Gray and is keen to try "The Canterville Ghost", a new YA novel by Louis Nowra for Selena, who is interested to read it, some Shakespeare for Natasha, who wants to read A Midsummer Night's Dream - this one is a beauty, with original and translation on facing pages and it was CHEAP - After by Morris Gleitzman for Michael, an Ally Carter book for his friend Mung, a Pittacus Lore book for Dylan, who would otherwise miss out, as there were no Catherine McPhail thrillers on the shelves - sorry, Dylan, maybe next year when you can borrow them on inter library loan from Senior Campus.

They should arrive next week, perhaps in time to process a few to take home for the holidays.

I wish I could have bought more, especially in sport; most of our sports books are old and battered and I want to cry when I see a student with an ancient soccer book. But I have to work with what I've got and sports books aren't cheap, alas! Next year I will call Melbourne Sports Books and pin them down to a date.

Still - the new Guinness Book of Records is available for review...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely selection of books. You totally deserve the truffles and tea.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Looks like you did get through. Thanks, Gillian! I thought of you when I was having the chocolate. I should add, most of the books were requests, a few were books which kids would pounce on when they see them. Thing is, the lovely selection is *what the kids wanted to read*! So I can't take credit for having a bunch of students with good taste.;-)

Stephanie said...

Ganache is one of my favourite chocolate places. :) Yum! Also Chocolait on Little Collins. (Why yes, I'm a bit of a chocolate fiend.)

Have dropped you an email re: books, too!

Steph @ RIASS

Sue Bursztynski said...

Never heard of Chocolait, must check it out some time! Thing is, when I've had a long day at work, followed by an hour's shopping for my students, it's nice to be able to just cross the road, slump down and relax over tea and truffles. And they give you water immediately and top it up without asking and they give you a macaron with your drink. Tht's classy plus the chocolate is delicious!