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Friday, September 28, 2012

Crime Time Giveaway On Boomerang Books

George Ivanoff, fellow Ford Street writer and blogger at Boomerang Books  has kindly agreed to host a giveaway of my children's book on crime, Crime Time: Australians behaving badly. If you're curious to read a sample chapter, there's one right here on this web site. Then why not wander over to the Boomerang site and enter? It's a competition rather than a straight giveaway, but you just have to answer one of two simple questions to be in the running for a copy. There's no country limit, You just have to tell me what's your favourite crime story or which crook you would invite to dinner. I will choose the winner. 

George has recently launched a new edition of his first book, Life, Death and Detentions, a collection of short stories with a school theme, published by Morris Publshing Australia. He will be talking about his writing next week on the Great Raven, so hang around!

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