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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Someone ELSE'S Giveaway

Simon Petrie, ASIM colleague and SF writer, is celebrating the release of his new two-novella book from Peggy Bright Books with a giveaway from his Livejournal blog I Should Find A More Catchy Name For This Thing - yes, that's the name of the blog, I kid you not. I have read one of them, 404, in  PDF, a sort of space opera murder mystery, and the other is a story in the Gordon Mamon series set in a space elevator hotel, very silly and funny, but scientifically accurate.

And here's the thing: there will be two copies, but one of them is being offered right now for anyone who can suggest to him the best idea for how to run a giveaway. I suggested he try I Am A Reader Not A Writer, which hosts weekly giveaways, but I'm not entering; I know him and actually "porfred" one of the novellas(novellae?) so that copy is still available. I'm betting there are plenty of you out there who have entered giveaways, even if you haven't run one. You should have plenty of ideas. Or you might offer to give his book and giveaway a plug on your web site?

Anyway, why not wander over and check it out?

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