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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Learning Something New - Book Trailers With Moviemaker

Today I learned how to use Windows Moviemaker, with music. I have really only used iMovie, which I use at home and, of course, Keynote which you can save into a nice little movie with music. But at my school, we have everything in Windows and the students need help sometimes. And if I'm going to invite them to use technology I need to know how to use it myself.

We have finished Literature Circles and I gave them some options, such as "interview the author" (stand by for an interview with Justin D'Ath on this site, by my wonderful students Braydon and Rhiannon, when they have finished arguing over - er, discussing - what questions they can use and which ones make no sense, then Mr D'Ath has had time to answer), a straightforward PowerPoint presentation and book trailers. Much to my delight, some students have taken up the book trailer option. I had some wonderful ones last year, and though I couldn't put them up on YouTube due to copyright issues Idid burn a DVD for the whole class, both of their discussions  and trailers, and made a copy for the library so teachers could see them.

The thing is, some of them had never tried Moviemaker. Well, I found out easily enough how to add slides, though Omar told me that he had, after all, worked it out. But Joy, who had made her trailer, asked, "Miss, how do you add music?"

I didn't know, but said I would find out, though in the meantime I suggested she ask one of last year's students who had done a good job on his.

But this afternoon, I had a quiet time, while the art class sketched and printed out around me in the library, and decided that now was as good a time as any to learn. And I have a favourite group of musicians who allow their music to be downloaded free on Jamendo, Celestial Aeon Project, who seem to have a theme for anything I'm doing. I found a lovely piece of music that went perfectly with Pool (the novel Rhiannon and Braydon studied, as well as Joy). I admit that just under two minutes it's really too long for a book trailer, but hey, it's an experiment and now I can show Joy what to do, so what-the-heck!

And now I have learned something new, which will always stand me in good stead. I may do some book trailers for the library and have a festival, using those and the students'. Yay!

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