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Saturday, January 07, 2012

O joy! New toy!

I've acquired three new toys over the last couple of weeks. Well, I needed the phone. The old one was playing up on me. I don't care if it does more than make calls, though I admit the camera is nice. And my little mp3 player was a gift from my sister and handy for podcasts, but not an iPod. But my iPad! I'm carrying a mobile computer. And, because I'm a book lover, I've been hankering after an ereader. I found a free app that links with a number of free book sites - not only Project Gutenberg, but the Baen web site. I've already downloaded three books by classicSF writers. My very first ebooks! The iPad is something I have wanted to get, but I finally got it when I knew our Year 7 students were to be issued with them. Won't it be fun learning it before I go back? Excuse me while I go play with my new toys.

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