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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catching Up With Slush

Not sure how it happened, but my slush reading for Andromeda Spaceways has built up. So this morning I printed out a huge pile, because I just can't read long stories on the computer. At least there are no novellas this time around, but there is so much to read all the same.

I'm halfway through a story centred around a classic British novella. I just finished a humorous ghost story and one which had scary critters worked casually into it. There was a short humorous one with gods in it and a medium-length one in which not much happened at all. Oh, yes - I get a lot of those. And pieces of flash fiction which end on a joke you'd probably only understand if you live in the US, the kind where I go, "Huh?" and scratch my head. And the ones which are supposed to be funny "non-fiction" (I can't stand those, so usually ask for them to be re-assigned.)

There have been some quite good stories in the pile I've been reading - so far I've only said no to one of them - but it's been a while since I got a story to which I said, "Wow!" I think the last one may have been the one I've chosen to edit for the anniversary edition of ASIM, #56.

Well, never know, there may be another "Wow!" story in this pile. Back to it.


Stephanie said...

Good luck with the slushing! :) I hope you find some gems in there.

Stephanie @ RIASS

Sue Bursztynski said...

thanks, Stephanie! Actually, there was one very good post-apocalypse story, which nevertheless had a positive feel to it. Pity it was too late for Tehani Wessely's positive-post-apocalypse anthology. :-) Never mind, it may make its way into ASIM.