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Friday, January 13, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Okay, roll of drums! The time has come!

Thanks to a fabulous random number generator, I didn't have to cut up all those names and put them into a hat. So please believe me when I say the names were totally randomly chosen - two books and two sets of bookmarks. I'm also giving away a couple more sets of bookmarks on a whim - more of that later.

You've all been wonderful and it's been exciting to have had so many entries from around the world. I hope you'll check out the book anyway and maybe get it as an e-book (I've found it on the iTunes store as well as Amazon).

Now - stop rolling those drums, Etienne! I have to make the announcement!

Two copies of Wolfborn will be winging their way to:



Brenda Demko

I'm sending signed bookmarks to Christina Fiorelli and DindaSi. You'll get some for my children's non-fiction book Crime Time and some for Wolfborn (I thought I'd run out and found a stash my publishers sent me months ago and I'd forgotten)

Congratulations, ladies!

I'm also sending bookmarks to the following:

Helen, because you actually commented on a post other than the giveaway one; I really appreciated that.

Cayce: because you implied you might have taken a look at either the Wolfborn review or the sample chapter. You didn't have to, but I appreciated it.

I'm going off to have breakfast now and do my grocery shopping, but later on today my time I'll be emailing the winners for their mailing addresses and hopefully I will send off the books or bookmarks on Monday.

Of course, if you want to email me your addresses without hearing from me first, that's fine too. :-)

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