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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Upload to Youtube - Me Reading!

Okay, it's up on Youtube, but hey, you can watch it here if you like. I thought it might be a good bit of promo to read a snippet from Wolfborn, which I will be doing soonish, but on an impulse, I read from the manuscript of my Wolfborn prequel, working title The Sword And The Wolf. I hope I'll come up with something better, but then, Wolfborn wasn't my idea either. :-)

So here I am, making a fool of myself on-line, reading a bit from Chapter 2.

Hope you like it.


Lan said...

Is the prequel out somewhere where we could get a hold of it? You should maybe turn it into an ebook for Amazon and it could be free and drum up some publicity for Wolfborn :)

Sue Bursztynski said...

Still working on it, Lan. I'm hoping this and a reading from Wolfborn will drum up publicity anyway. I have no plans to self-publish at this stage. I might put up some free short fiction already published some time.