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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Giveaway Nearly Over

It's been a fascinating week, seeing all those entries come in from around the world, everyone saying thank you nicely and some showing they might be interested in this particular book. One even hinted she may have checked out the sample chapter! For me, living in Australia, this is the last day, but you guys keep entering till midnight your time. I'll take it into account. I won't be drawing the winner till afternoon Jan.13 my time. Winners, that is. Two books and two lots of bookmarks. I had planned to cut out the names and put them into a hat,but thanks to my friend Lan Chan of The Write Obsession I have learned about a web site that generates random numbers. So you will each be given a number and I'll then go to the web site with a set of numbers between...whatever the final number is and 1. It will generate the required set of numbers and those will be my winners. Good luck!

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