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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

My New Toy - iPad Pro

So, after a number of hours at the Apple store in Chadstone, I finally staggered home with my new iPad. There was an attempt to back up to the Cloud, but that was just going to take too long. The Apple store is full up from the beginning of the day and that means the wi fi is slow.

The lady doing set-up for me went to consult a tech who knew more about this than she did and he checked my old iPad. He said I could get started on my new device without having to do the backup, as a lot of the stuff was already on the Cloud. So we got going and set up.

And a lot of it did download absolutely fine. All I have to do with the books is download them as I need them(although my lovely special edition of The Hobbit wouldn't, because it's such a big file. So I will have to wait till I can get to the library tomorrow in hopes that the wi fi will work)

The trouble was, the most important stuff, my documents, didn't. I thought they had, mostly, but they hadn't. The set-up tech suggested I go to for the photos. I did, although when I got home I found that the 200-odd photos that were on the Cloud had already downloaded. Most hadn't, so I will just have to select the ones I want most and and email them to myself.

iCloud let me email some of the documents, but not all. And I'm not sure all of them are on the Cloud anyway. Fortunately, my novel manuscript got where I wanted it.

And for some reason it made me go through FileBrowser!

So it looks like I will have to hang on to the old iPad for now. I will go to the library whenever I can for the wifi and email the files, one by one... The stories, anyway. Those are most important. And my Eugowra article, which I've started.

Sorry, Gary! You'll have to wait.

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