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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Australia’s Favourite author - Round 2!

And here’s the Booktopia link to take you to the page where you can browse the somewhat shorter list and, if local, can vote for your favourites.

I was a bit surprised to see some names I didn’t notice last time and sad to see some of my favourites dropped out. Not as many children’s or YA writers as last time, and certainly not as many as last year, but still, there were some I’m fond of. Isobelle Carmody is there as are Gabrielle Wang, Claire Zorn, Nadia Wheatley, Libby Hathorn, Shivaun Plozza and Ellie Marney, all fine authors, all of whom, I think, have been on the CBCA short list at some stage, and deservedly so. Again, I voted for everybody whose work I’d read, even if it was just a bit. As the lists tighten I’ll have to be more picky and decide who I’d really like to see win, but the nice thing about this competition is that you can vote for as many as you like on any one list.

Hopefully they will all make it to the next list, which is being posted on Friday. Stand by for the update and meanwhile, why not check out my link?


Lan said...

There were so many nominations (most of whom I didn't know!) that I didn't notice isobelle carmody at all! Lucky others voted for her.

Sue Bursztynski said...

I had heard of most of them, just not read them all. There were some I hadn’t noticed the first time, though they must have been there. This time I read the list three times to make sure. You might do the same on Friday, perhaps. And don’t forget to enter for the pack of books!