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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Australia’s Favourite Author 2018 - Heat 5!

And here is the link!

A lot of good ones here, including some of my favourites. Will Kostakis, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Robin Klein, Kate Forsyth, Leigh Hobbs... and more. I nearly missed Judith Roswell, who has been writing those delightful Victorian era stories, and illustrating them. Fortunately I went through the list again. Some classics writers such as May Gibbs. Thomas Keneally is there. So is fantasy writer Sara Douglass, who passed away some years ago, and Jennifer Fallon, who wrote, among other things, the Second Sons trilogy, a science fiction series posing as fantasy! Premise: there’s this planet with two suns. Every so often one sun is hidden for a while, which is called an Age of Shadows. The priests have been persuading people that this is because they are sinful, and even talked the king into sacrificing his child some years ago. And now they are after a young mathematical genius who has worked out when the next Age of Shadows is due. The fact that it can be predicted might just lead to questions being asked about them... it reads like fantasy, but isn’t. I loved it! Of course she got a tick from me!

I’m glad to see there are so many YA and children’s writers and authors of speculative fiction.

The votes for this round close at noon on Friday and then we will have the short lists, beginning with 75 and narrowing down until the winner is announced on January 24. Do visit the site and let me know what you think, even if you live outside Australia and can’t vote. If you do live here, there’s that $1000 book box! 

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