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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Australia’s Favourite Authors 2018 - The Journey Begins!

Okay, once more you have the chance to nominate your favourite Aussie wordsmiths. Sorry, Pamela and other fans outside this country, you can’t vote for this one, as there will be a random selection to win $1000 worth of Booktopia books, and that might be kind of expensive to deliver to, say, the US.

But you can follow along as the long list shortens and by the end of the month we find out who Aussie readers like best for this year. That’s fun in itself and I will be posting about it as usual. Remember, last year’s #147 on the list might be this year’s #1, so nominate and vote if eligible, or at least argue about who got the gong if not eligible.

Here is the link. This time I’m nominating, and today is the last day for nominations, so be quick! 


Lan said...

This is really terrible but I've completely lost track of the books written by Aussie authors. Will be eagerly awaiting your next posts so I can get reacquainted!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Well, you can vote when the lists go up, but this isn’t about books published in th3 last year, it’s about the authors. Sometimes an author is number 50 and next year they’re on top. Depends who votes.