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Sunday, January 14, 2018

January 15 meme - Happy Birthday, Dad!

If my wonderful Dad was still around today, January 15, would be his 93rd birthday. Dad was a true silver surfer who loved Googling stuff and learning things. So it’s appropriate that we should all learn something today. 

On this day, January 15:

January 15 birthdays

1412 - Jeanne D’Arc, aka Joan of Arc. Now a saint, I believe. Personally, I have to wonder about someone who was hearing voices - one of my students who heard voices told me she was told she was the Chosen One - but she did achieve a lot in her short life. 

1893 - Ivor Novello - Composed “Keep The  Fires Burning”, a World War I song that many found inspiring

1913 - Lloyd Bridges - actor, best known for all those comedies, but I remember him in Sea Hunt. Father of two other actors. 

1927 - Phyllis Coates - Lois Lane in Season I of Superman back in the 1950s. She did a lot of forgettable films and serials, BUT - she was apparently the most consistently employed actress ever. In other words, she always had work. Take a look at her filmography- wow! The only reason she was replaced by Noel Neill is that after season 1 they had a hiatus and by the time they started filming the show again she had another job. Apparently, it’s become traditional for former Lois Lanes to play Lois’s mother in later versions, and she was no exception. She played the role in an episode of Lois And Clarke in the 1990s. She’s still around, by the way, th3 last surviving cast member. 

1929 - Martin Luther King - no need for introduction. I believe it’s Martin Luther King Day in the US, or will be once the Northern Hemisphere catches up. 


1559 - Elizabeth I crowned 

1759 - British Museum opens - Dad would like this one. Pity he never travelled overseas once he arrived here. I would love to take him for a walk around the BM. When I was little, he took me walking around the museum in Melbourne, which was also the art gallery at the time. He kept whisking me past paintings I wanted to stop and look at. 

2001 - Wikipedia goes on line - Dad would LOVE this one! I never asked, but I bet he used it a lot. 

Also, Teacher’s Day in Venezuela, when all teachers, including kindergarten teachers, are honoured - nice! Dad would like that. He was terribly proud of his teacher daughter. 

Happy birthday, Dad! 

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