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Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Silly Book Of Weird And Wacky Words by Andy Seed, Ill. Scott Garrett.London:Bloomsbury, 2015

Really, English is a crazy language that has only become crazier over the centuries. Why not share the craziness with children? 

But with the interesting words and expressions you never knew have a long history(and well-known expressions we use daily that come from Shakespeare), this book has puns, riddles, jokes and tongue-twisters, enough to keep the little one in the back seat entertained till you "get there" or absorbed at lunchtime in the school library. 

And you get sucked in. Did you know what the word "griggling" means? I didn't! (It's an early word that means "collecting small apples" and not, as you might think, a way of saying "giggling" with your mouth full). I look forward to hearing some child say,"I think I'll get my Mum some daffadowndillies for her birthday." 

I love a book which teaches kids things without their noticing they're learning!


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