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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Next Ford Street Event!

In case you missed this week's terrific event at Ford Street, there's another one coming up in two weeks. I can't go due to family commitments, but if you're in Melbourne and can go, do!

The guests this time will be Deborah Abela, Nicky Johnston and the delightful Archimede Fusillo, who alone is worth the price of admission, even if you haven't yet read any of his books(I have read several). I've heard him speak to kids - wow!

Oh, and here is what Paul had to say about the last session!

Apologies that our next An Evening With . . . is so close to our last event, but Deborah Abela said she'd be in town and available so I snapped her up. Teamed up with Archie Fusillo and Nicky Johnston we're set for another blockbuster.

We had a great night on the 6th. Gary Crew spoke to us about castaways and how his research led to writing Voicing the Dead while Judith Rossell also talked about her research and how it helped to create her award-winning novel, Withering-by-Sea.

Apart from our most excellent librarians/teachers and friends, we had a stellar cast of authors and illustrators present. They included Michael Pryor, Marc McBride, Adam Wallace, Jane Tanner, Claire Saxby, Vikki Petraitis, Mackenzie Oliphant, Mark Wilson, Robert Favretto, Leigh Hobbs, Meredith Costain, George Ivanoff, Andrew Plant, Michelle Hamer, Sue Bursztynski, Sunshine Herbert, Sean McMullen and Lucy Sussex.
Book early, guys, there really isn't much space! Go to their web site to check the details. It will be under the newsletters, I think. Paul sent me a copy of the flier, but yet again it came as a file I just can't reproduce properly here. One of these days I will get him to send a Word document...

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