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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Posts To Come - About The Stellas!

Bec Kavanagh, from the Stella For Schools program has written a great guest post which I will be posting as soon as she has also answered some interview questions I've just sent her.

This year, as you may know if you've been following this blog*, my lucky school had a visit from the amazing Alice Pung, compliments of the Stella For Schools program(which I heard about thanks to Ambelin Kwaymullina). By way of thanks, and because I thought you might enjoy it, I invited them to do a guest post or an interview, and just two days ago I finally received the guest post. And then ?i thought, what-the-heck, why not have both? Bec kindly agreed.

I'm reading my way through the books sent me by A&U and Bloomsbury - I need the humour of the Geoffrey McSkimming book to help me get through a chilling horror novel in the pile. I'm hoping to have at least one review up before I have to return to work, and long work days next week.

Watch this space!

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