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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You Know You're a Fantasy Hero When...

Of course, this also applies to some space operas....

You know you're a hero when...

1.Your parents are killed by mysterious creatures, putting them out of the picture so you can go have an adventure. (Also applies to the standard children's fantasy adventure)

2. The same mysterious creatures are following you. They kill your dog as well as your family, but you escape them.

3. You are given a mystical object by someone who promptly dies/is killed - and the baddies want it....

4.You acquire a wise old mentor who tells you that your parents weren't your parents and drags you off on an adventure, in which the mystical object plays a vital part, for good or evil. Usually for good, as only you can use it - the mentor trains you.

5.You acquire a wisecracking sidekick, sometimes two sidekicks who fight non stop. One is a girl and you fall in love.

6. The wisecracking sidekick gets the girl - you have to complete the quest, after all, who has time for romance?

7. Despite the fact that you're a farm boy from Nowhereville, you end up as the prophesied Chosen One and  hereditary Guardian of the object and leader of a group called the Old Ones or the Ancient Ones or some such. Oh, and your real parents died defending it and you.

8.And most importantly, you save the universe, turn out to be a long lost prince and you STILL don't get the girl. Life sucks for a Chosen One.

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