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Monday, November 04, 2013

Amazonish Goodies: The Final List

In the end, I missed out on the Asimov book and the Crime novel with Agatha Christie in it. The  problem was, Foundation, the ebook version thereof, refused to release price details, after quoting $5.99 the day before. And I don't like uncertainty where price is concerned.

Instead, I bought another Arthur C Clarke book, a rather large selection of short stories, starting with The Star, a favourite of mine, where there is a team arriving at a store of alien treasures on the outer world of a dead system whose star has gone supernova. The narrator, a Jesuit, asks God why it was necessary to wipe out this beautiful civilisation just to have the star of Bethlehem. I wish the anthology also had The Nine Billion Names Of God, but can't have everything.

But this book was rather more expensive than the Asimov had been, so there was not enough for a fifth book, with only $1.20 left. Ah, well.

So my final list includes the two Clarkes, this one and The Songs Of Distant Earth,  the Colin Falconer novel, Isabella: Braveheart Of France and Winter Is Coming.

I've already got stuck into the Falconer novel and started the others. Thank you again, Stephanie Carroll, lovely giveaway host, for your gift!


Stephanie Carroll said...

This sounds like a great lot! So glad you were able to get all of these awesome books and that you won the giveaway!


Stephanie Carroll

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Stephanie! And I had fun choosing them; it was like being in a shop, with all those goodies to choose from!