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Friday, November 01, 2013

Unveiling My Choice of Amazonish Goodies

Okay, I've made my choices! I get five ebooks, adding up to just under $25.00! Ghu, I'm good! ;-)

One of them is Colin Falconer's new novel, Isabella, The Braveheart Of France. He's been talking about it endlessly on various blogs recently, so let's see what it's like. $4.99.

Number 2: Winter Is Coming, another analysis of Game Of Thrones. I already have one called Winning The Game Of Thrones, but for $2.99, why not? Always nice to see someone else's ideas.

The London Blitz Murders is yet another crime novel with a real person as sleuth(this time Agatha Christie). This sort of book is a guilty pleasure of mine. And only $3.99!

  I decided to finish off with a couple of SF classics: Arthur C Clarke's Songs Of Distant Earth and Asimov's Foundation.  I have never read the Arthur C Clarke book at all and I remember curling up with the Asimov when I was babysitting my nephews David and Mark, now grown men with children of their own. Yes, that's how long it's been. These two are, respectively, $6.83 and $5.99. Total: $24.79.

Some time tomorrow, when I have a bit of time to myself, I'm going to sit down with my iPad and my redemption code and follow the instructions.

Five lovely, delicious new books! The only pity is that I can't stroke their shiny new covers or open the crisp fresh pages to other worlds of delight. But there's still plenty of delight to be had in pressing a button and downloading them to read immediately instead of waiting days or weeks for delivery.

I'll live with that.

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