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Friday, March 08, 2013

Peggy Bright Books Giveaway!

Last year, Peggy Bright Books published the wonderful speculative fiction anthology Light Touch Paper Stand Clear, in which I have a story, "Five Ways To Start A War", which tells you how the Trojan War REALLY began. If you were following this blog at the time, you may remember a lot of guest posts from the authors and editors in late June and through July. It has had some great reviews since then(preen, preen! My story got a lot of positive feedback!). I should add that one of those guest posts, the one by Thoraiya Dyer, is one of the most popular on my blog.

If you'd like a free e-copy, Edwina Harvey, one of the two editors, tells me they are having a 48 hour free download from Amazon. Yes, you have to have access to Kindle, but there's a Kindle app for iPad, if you don't have a Kindle reader - I have one myself.

This is a great example of what small press is doing in Australia at the moment. There are some new writers in it and some veterans who have novels published by big press. And I, personally, love short story anthologies which give me a sample of the work of writers I may not have discovered yet.

So, here's the link:

Go and spoil yourself!

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