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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Fannish Stuff I Found In The iBook Store

The other day I was looking under "Terry Pratchett" in the iBook store and found a sort of bio by Craig Cabell, who has written a wide variety of books but seems to be a passionate spec fic fan and weaves this into his Terry Pratchett book, Terry Pratchett: The Spirit Of Fantasy. It has a bio component, but also a critique of his work(this author prefers the early books, which is interesting, because Terry doesn't and if I hadn't skipped ahead to read Mort I might never have read past The Colour Of Magic) in which he compares the work with other books and even films and TV shows.

 I thought it very good value for $1.99 and went back to see what else he's done and found a book about the Dr Who actors for the same price! I'm reading the introduction, the only bit that's about the show in general rather than the actors who played the Doctor,and found that the first draft of the first episode was written by an Aussie and contained a lot of information about the Doctor and Susan that was cut out for the purposes of keeping it mysterious, which I think is wise, even if Craig Cabell doesn't. It gave them a lot more flexibility and let the show develop. Still, there was something interesting that links to much later episodes in David Tennant's time. And no, I won't tell you what it is!

I assume it's available in paperback, but ebook will do me for now. There's something magical about going to the store and seeing something you want and just downloading it. I love technology!

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