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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ebooks Back Up - and the Chronos Awards!

Ebook Glue has gone to a paying model. It's not that I mind paying - they don't charge much - but I don't like placing my card details online any more than I can help. If I could do it with an iTunes card, I would. 

So, sorry, goodbye Ebook Glue, which was a fabulous site to use and good luck to the person who runs it. But it means that any links I put there have been wiped, along with all the other free ebooks created there. If you downloaded one, it will still work, but if you go to the site, you'll find the page is nonexistent. I have left the interviews link up on Pages for the moment, till I can rustle up another ebook, using my Creative Book Builder app.

I had no idea how to make a link for a CBB file till I had tea and chips with a technological friend last night. Bart had a fiddle on his iPhone, by way of experiment, and discovered that you can upload your CBB files  to Dropbox, email a link  to yourself (or anyone else) and then I simply needed to copy and paste the link here. A little long-way-round, but it works, so thank you, Bart!

For the time being, if anyone wants a PDF file, they will have to request it, because I couldn't get my PDF files up there, not sure why, since I saw other PDF files in my folder. But I'll work it out. I *think* you can put PDF on Kindle, but CBB doesn't do Mobi, alas. So for the time being, anything you download from here will be strictly ePub (another thing I will miss about Ebook Glue, which gave you both options).

I will be putting the ASIM  stories back in the next day or two - probably two, because I am about to get myself ready and go collecting donations for the Royal Children's Hospital, which will take me all day, then spend time with my family.

Meanwhile, I have put back the Sunshine College anthology - I am so proud of our students! - and, more importantly for me, all my stories that were published last year. I did this too late for the Ditmar Awards, but there are still a few days left till the Chronos Awards nominations close - Monday, in fact. Probably still too late even for that, but if you're reading this, why not download the book and, if you love them, and live in Australia, how about nominating one for the Chronos Awards? And if you don't live in Australia, why not download the ebook anyway? Perhaps if you like it, you might check out some of my other stuff. Even if you have read the stories, I have added an afterword to each, explaining what was behind them.

Here are the stories:

Brothers, first published in Mythic Resonance and edited by the lovely Satima Flavell, who has already nominated it for a Chronos. Snow White and the Seven Tolkienesque Dwarves. I wondered what would happen if Snow White had been less passive and the cutesy dwarfs were more like Tolkien's Dwarves.

Midwinter Night: A story first published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #54, edited by Simon Petrie. Set in the universe of my novel Wolfborn, it is seen from the viewpoint of Yvonne, a cousin of Eglantine, the wife of the werewolf knight, Geraint. In this we learn just why Eglantine was so terrified when she found out her husband was a werewolf. It doesn't matter if you've read the novel or not - the story stands alone. 

Five Ways To Start A War, published last year by Peggy Bright Books, in the anthology Light Touch Paper Stand Clear, edited by Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie. This anthology is itself on the Ditmars list, by the way, along with one of the stories, The Bone Chime Song. My story is about how the Trojan War started, from five different viewpoints - and if you're expecting a Greek tragedy, you'll be disappointed. I was in an extremely silly mood when I wrote it.

So, given that some of you may prefer to click straight into the link, here are the links to the ebooks that I have put back. Download and enjoy!

Sunshine College Best Writing Anthology

My Chronos-eligible stories for 2013


Austin said...

Hi Sue,

I would love to download these books and read the stories. I had a go but seems I can't open the file in Kindle or Acrobat Reader.

Could you advise me which reader I need for this?

Thank you so much. :)

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi Austin!

No, these files are only ePub. I haven't yet worked out how to get PDF on to Dropbox. But if you send me your email at I will email you the PDF version. It isn't as pretty as the ePub version, but I'll add the cover and you can print it out if you want, or you can open the coverless version in Kindle. ePub works for every ereader except Kindle.


Austin said...

Thanks Sue,

Email sent!

Blessings, A,