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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Children's Magazines - A Market Guide

I have discovered a wonderful market guide for anyone interested in writing for children's magazines. It's not a company or a publication like, as it might be, Writer's Digest. It's all put together by a teacher and children's writer called Dr Evelyn Christensen. The list of links includes details about who it's for(early childhood, teens, etc. and sometimes whether only kids can write for it, which is handy for teachers with creative students), whether or not it pays, genre. She does say that sometimes the magazine doesn't tell you if it pays and you need to find out yourself. But where she can, she tells you.

And she keeps it up to date, too. Each month she writes to the SCBWI list on LinkedIn to say the new edition is out, and she also publishes useful  articles on the site.

You may never have considered writing magazine articles or short stories for children. Maybe you think of markets only in term of book publishers or adult magazines. All I can say is, I have had a wonderful relationship with the NSW School Magazine over the years. It pays well, if not as well as journalism, but then newspapers keep your rights, while the NSW School Magazine doesn't care what you do with your piece after they've published it and will even pass along to you any offers for reprint they get. And lots of kids read and love magazines and may just remember your name when there's a book with your name on the cover. And I found I learned a lot from it, which stood me in good stead later.

Or you may just decide that writing for children's magazines is your thing - there are plenty of markets out there, especially now there's an Internet - and do only that. Why not?

Good writing!


Evelyn said...

Thank you for your wonderful post, Sue. I hope my site will benefit many writers. Best wishes to you on all your writing! Ev

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thank YOU for the wonderful web site, Evelyn! A friend of mine who writes full time, mostly for the education market, has already favourited my tweet and I'm betting he will check your site out.

I am thinking I might copy and paste this post into my other blog - will let you know when I do.