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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Flight 404 By Simon Petrie - Kindle Giveaway

A while back, I did the proofreading for Simon Petrie's novella Flight 404, which was published by Peggy Bright Books. It's a hard science fiction piece set in deep space, something we don't get to read too often these days, especially in Australia, where the big publishers tend to prefer fat fantasy trilogies. Fortunately, there's a vibrant small press culture here to publish stuff the big ones don't dare try out - and Simon Petrie knows his science, which he does for a living.

Here's the blurb, as written on Amazon:

"Flight 404 is a novella blending elements of SF, murder mystery, and transgender fiction.

To solve the mystery of the vanished spacecraft, the Bougainvillaea, investigator/pilot Charmain Mertz must return to the conservative world of her boyhood."

Yes, it has a transgender heroine, hence the androgynous image on the cover beautifully done by artist Lewis Morley.

Anyway, if you have a Kindle or, as I now have, a Kindle app on your iPad, you can have the novella free on Amazon for the next three days, till March 4th Pacific time, so yes, if you live in the US you can have it March 4 your time, which is about fifteen hours after March 4 is over in Australia.

If you decide you like that, there's another novella, The Hunt For Red Leicester, which is not free, but not expensive, and which you can get on the Peggy Bright Books web site as part of the Gordon Mamon Casebook, a collection of humorous stories set on a space elevator hotel. And that is the massive sum of $2.50, through PayPal. You can have both books in mobi, PDF or ePub format if you buy them on this web site.

The double novella collection, which is in paperback, has had some great reviews, and shows the range of talents of the author, who can write both serious (404) and silly humour (Red Leicester)


Anonymous said...

Gosh! Thanks for such a generous signal boost, Sue!

And I hope anyone who does download the book enjoys it.

Sue Bursztynski said...

I don't see why they wouldn't, Simon. I hope there are plenty of downloads and that these are followed by plenty of purchases of the other story.