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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interesting Web Site Added

You may notice that on the side of the page I have a set of links to "interesting websites" which is sort of a blog roll, though it includes some sites that aren't blogs. I have just added my nephew Max Bursztynski's blog, Film According To Mr Cinema.

Max is fifteen going on thirty-five. And he writes well. He loves books, but also movies, since he has a dream of becoming an animator one day. He has already put some of his little animations on YouTube. But this site has reviews of movies he loves, both new and old, only a handful so far, but he's only been doing this for a very short time.

I'm hoping to get him to start reviewing some of the wonderful old Ray Harryhausen films he adores. After all, one of these days, he'll be doing his own...

If you enjoy movies, why not wander over and take a look and add a comment?


Mr Cinema said...

Thank you very much, you didn't have to do that; but cheers anyway.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hey, it's a great web site! People should read it. :-)