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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yet ANOTHER spam inquiry!

This time I received an inquiry from someone who claimed to find the posts on my blog engaging, but didn't name my blog other than the URL, didn't call me by name or say what they found so engaging about them or give any examples. In other words, the same email was sent to however many bloggers they thought might respond. They offered a guest post on changes in the English language connected with workplaces and said they worked for a "resource" but didn't name it. PUH-LEASE!

The topic of changes in the language might have been interesting and if this person had shown the slightest hint of having actually been reading my blog, they would at least have had a polite reply from me saying I appreciated the offer, but my guest posts are by invitation only and are connected with books and writing.I might have directed them to another blog which could help them. Or hell, I might even have asked them for further details.

As it was, I deleted without replying, and this is how I will respond in future to any such email. I agree with my friend Lan Chan that this is the only way to treat such inquiries.


Lan said...

At some stage I started to find these inquiries funny. I wonder if there are any people out there who fall for this sort of thing?

Sue Bursztynski said...

There must be some, or these folk wouldn't keep doing it. Like the Nigerian spam emails, which I DO find hilarious, but which there are still idiots out there replying to.

Odd thing is, I got a genuine inquiry recently and responded and never heard again. Ah, well.