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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wolfborn Heading Stateside!

Before I get stuck into today's posts - Edwina Harvey's editor post on Light Touch Paper and the announcement of the winner of the book, I'd like to share with you a lovely bit of news I had today. The heading above says it all. RHA haven't told me yet, but the US answer to RHA's lovely publicist Dot Tonkin has contacted me with the first request for publicity, in this case a guest post for a site called Dear Teen Me. I am to write a letter to my teen self and supply an author pic and bio, but also a teen photo of me. I don't HAVE any teen pics of me! My mother has some in boxes, but I 'll have to do some hunting around, and they're all very old and faded, though there's a quite nice photo of me at my Year 12 formal.

I'm very excited. As soon as I hear from RHA about dates it will be up here.

Bless you all, gentle readers!

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