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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On My TBR Shelves

Yesterday I received a copy of Isobelle Carmody's latest collection, Metro Winds - goodness, that woman is prolific! - so I thought I'd take a glance at the other books that have been accumulating lately.As a matter of fact, I requested Metro Winds when Julia Imogen of Allen and Unwin asked me what I'd like, to say thanks for arranging my students to do reader reports. But once a reviewer... So I'll be reviewing it. Stand by.

I also have the first two volumes of Arkie Sparkle Treasure Hunter, a new children's series. Then there's Juliet Marillier's new YA fantasy,Darkfell, set in an alternative universe version of Scotland - I'm halfway through that.

I'm awaiting the arrival of Rhiannon Hart's new book, Blood Song, which has a very pretty cover. When I was commenting on formal gown and YA paranormal romance, Rhiannon reminded me that her heroine actually IS wearing one in the wilderness in her first novel. :-) Let's see if this gown is also a part of the story.

And I am pleased to announce that the other day I received a copy of Mark Walden's first non-HIVE book, Earthfall. I did rather think he'd painted himself into a corner at the end of the last HIVE book, and while I can't see how, it does need resolution in at least one more book. By that time, this new series should be under way. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading this one. Meanwhile, if you want more HIVE, why not wander over to his website - which has a short story about Otto's best friend Wing and how he was taken to HIVE.

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