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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Phryne Fisher Competition Results

A few days ago, I received 94 entries for George Ivanoff's web site competition in which the brief was to come up with just one word to describe Phryne Fisher, heroine of Kerry Grenwood's delightful series. The TV series was out on DVD and Blu-Ray and George had two Blu-Rays to give away. He invited me to be his guest judge because I have read and reread all the books and am a huge fan.

I have to say, I sure wouldn't want to try describing Phryne in one word and I really admire those who had a go. But I had to think this out carefully, because I wanted to be fair. That meant considering each and every word. They ALL described her beautifully!

I ended up choosing words I felt implied many of the others and gave my reasons here, on the web site. why not follow the link and take a look? George's site is always worth a visit.

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