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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Some Happy Birthdays For May 14!

Here are some famous May 14 birthdays. I did leave out the director Sofia Coppola because I'm not familiar with her films, though I've heard of her. Happy birthday, anyway, Sofia! 

1727 - Thomas Gainsborough - Portrait artist who painted the royal famiły and aristocrats. It was good stuff, though! His most famous piece was The Blue Boy. Apparently, it was a sort of "Nyah nyah!" to the advice of Sir Joshua Reynolds, who said that cold colours like blue should be mostly kept out of paintings. 

The Blue Boy - Public Domain.

1775 - J.M. W Turner - painter of the most gorgeous landscapes and seascapes in a swirly style that nobody much was doing back then.

Turner. Public Domain.

1944 - George Lucas - yay! Star Wars! If you haven't seen at least one of his films, you've been hiding under a rock! 

1952 - Robert Zemeckis - yay! Back To The Future! Marty McFly and his skateboard! Professor Brown with his wild hairstyle and popping eyes! The Delorean time machine! 

1965 - Eoin Colfer - author of the wonderful Artemis Fowl novels which were so very Irish. The hero starts off the series by kidnapping a fairy for ransom. She is a member of the elite LepRecon unit, more like James Bond than Galadriel and certainly not a sweet winged being fluttering among the flowers. I loved the dwarfs in this, who could eat their way through soil and stone and produce energy by farting. Hilariousl!

Happy birthday, guys! 

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