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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Published Around This Time in 2013

Here's a link to my last post for 2013. It was mostly about having to teach Year 8 history in 2014, but also about researching in primary sources, such as the Australian Women's Weekly 1933 editions. You can find those on the National Library of Australia's web site, in the Trove section, along with newspapers going back to 1803; I used some historĂ­cal newspapers from Trove to research my short story for Rich And Rare.

Read, enjoy, in case you missed it!

And here's a link to 51 Australian YA novels published  that year, including some that were on the CBCA shortlist.

I am ashamed to admit I only read a few of them. Some are on my cyber bookshelves. One of the, Sean Williams' Jump, I have only finished recently. But check the list out - there's some great stuff there.

Back later - I'm off to the beach. 


Lan said...

Oh gosh I haven't read a single one of those books :( That's really bad. I have just lost touch with what books are available and when! Have fun at the beach. It's going to be so hot today.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Think of it as a chance to catch up. ;-)

Sue Bursztynski said...

PS I particularly recommend The First Third by Will Kostakis. It's funny and sad and touching and downright adorable. And kids love it too - one of ours was a huge fan of the main character's Greek grandmother and it has been on some serious shortlists.