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Monday, December 28, 2015

A Message From Google

Here's a link to Satima Flavell's blog, in which she passes on the latest message about Google's decision to retire something that people have found useful but which Google doesn't. This time it's about whether you can use Google Friend Connect using things other than a Google account.

From now on, you can't. Mind you, I think I set it up a while ago so that you needed a Google account. Mainly it was because of all the spam I'd been receiving - but it didn't help as much as making comments appear after approval, because some spammers just set up a Google account and keep spamming. And really, that's all that will happen now. I'm never sure why Google does these things, but as Satima says on her post, it's quite painless, although you do have to give them your mobile number before you can join. That's for security reasons, so fear not, no one is going to ring you.

I hope you'll consider this blog worth opening a Google account to follow. I blog regularly about all sorts of good stuff, and you can even comment!

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