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Monday, April 01, 2013

Remaking My Ebooks

Right now, I'm copying and pasting the interviews that were in my Ebook Glue ebook into something I can park on Dropbox when ready. Then I will be able to put in a link for you. I still can't seem to work out how to put PDF there and I'm not sure I can; yesterday I tried posting an experimental PDF from Pages and it wasn't offered as an option on the "share". It WAS offered in CBB, but nothing happened. And, of course, CBB doesn't do Mobi at all. So you Kindle users or people without an ereader will just gave to keep requesting from me(email under "Contact Me"). At least till I find an app that will let me do these things, but will they go to Dropbox? No idea!

But it has been kind of fun going through all my old interviews. I've pulled up 13 so far, a baker's dozen of interviews with YA writers and children's writers and two wonderful CBCA judges and one that was strictly speaking a guest post, from Mary Victoria, but hey, she does interview her character, the World Tree!

It will be up soonish. I need a cover. I've gone through Wikimedia Commons but so far found nothing to suit me, so I will take my own photo, of my own books, as a cover. I've written an introduction.

When it's up, if you want to read the interviews without going to all the trouble of ploughing through my archives, you can simply head to the side of the page and download, or you can ask me for a PDF.

And I can have the ebook available for my students, especially those who did some of them!

Thanks to those who took up my offer and clicked into the sampler yesterday - I hope you enjoy the stories and if you want some more, there are the ASIM ones as well. Help yourselves!

Or I  could also offer an online version of some of them in my Pages section, if you're happy to just read it here, or links to the posts. What do you think? 

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