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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Added to "Interesting Web Sites" - ASIM Blog!

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine now has a brand new blog, run by member Amy Gordon, though I am keeping it going for a few days while Amy does her exams. I have added it to the list of web sites on the side of this page, in case you want to wander over and check it out. The last couple of posts feature an interview with wonderful artist Anna Repp, who has done art for ASIM over the years,both  internals and covers,  and an offer of a free sampler of Ditmar-short listed anthology Light Touch Paper Stand Clear, in which I have a story, "Five Ways To Start A War"  - yay! - and which also features a story short listed in its own right, "The Bone Chime Song" by Joanne Anderton, which  has already been re-published in its very own anthology by Fablecroft. There's a bit of every story in the anthology in the PBB sampler, not just the first few pages of the book, and it has the real cover of the book ( which, now I think of it, is up for a best art Ditmar!) Yay again!

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